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Prices for services

The surcharge for urgency and the level of difficulty:
+30% Finance, Business, Journalism, Law
+40% Health, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Oil and Gas, Construction, Chemical Industry
from +50 to +100% Urgent translation
  1. 1) Regular customers 5% discount
  2. 2) Senior citizens, disabled groups 1 and 2, orphans and mothers with many children 5% discount
  3. 3) Discounts for quantities of from 50 to 100 pages of translation - 5%, of the 100 pages of translation and above - 10%
  4. 4) For enterprise customers discounts of up to 15%

Pay for translation service, you can either of the following ways:

1. Cash/cashless payments in our office

2. Non-cash bank account for legal entities

3. Transfer to a Visa card (HalykBank, Kazkommertsbank)

4. Payment via any payment QIWI terminal


Translation of the seal Translation of the passport (from English to Russian) Translation of text in tenge (1 page. Common themes, personal documents)
Kazakh 590 790 1000
English 590 790 1000
Azerbaijani 990 1000 3590
Albanian 2190 1000 8190
Arabic 1490 1000 4690
Armenian 990 1000 3590
Belarusian 990 1000 3290
Bulgarian 990 1000 3590
Hungarian 1490 1000 4790
Vietnamese 1690 1000 5990
Greek 1490 1000 4490
Georgian 990 1000 3590
Danish 1590 1000 5490
Hebrew 1690 1000 5990
Indonesian 2790 1000 11190
Spanish 990 1000 2490
Italian 990 1000 2490
Chinese 1490 1000 4490
Korean 1690 1000 5990
Latin 1690 1000 5990
Latvian 1590 1000 5490
Lithuanian 1490 1000 4990
Macedonian 1590 1000 5490
Mongolian 2490 1000 8290
German 990 1000 2490
Dutch 1590 1000 5490
Norwegian 1590 1000 5490
Persian 1590 1000 5490
Polish 990 1000 2990
Portuguese 990 1000 3990
(Romanian) Moldavian 990 1000 2990
Serbian 990 1000 4290
Slovak 990 1000 3790
Slovenian 990 1000 3590
Thai 2900 1000 12790
Tajik 1690 1000 5790
Turkish 990 1000 3490
Turkmen 2290 1000 7990
Uzbek 1490 1000 4990
Ukrainian 990 1000 1490
Finnish 2390 1000 9290
French 990 1000 2490
Hindi 1690 1000 5990
Croatian 990 1000 4290
Czech 990 1000 3590
Swedish 1590 1000 5490
Estonian 2590 1000 9990
Japanese 1690 1000 5990
Other languages O/R
Duplicate translation 50% от стоимости первого перевода
We are pleased to offer delivery of ready translation in the city of Pavlodar. The shipping fee is 3000 tenge. In the case of transfer more than 100 pages, shipping is free.
Our company provides the service of notary certification. Payment for notary certification is calculated separately, according to the price list of the notary without any overpayments.

You can always send a document
to assess the cost
to our e-mail or WhatsApp.

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Are there any mistakes in your translations? I want you to make the translation without mistakes.

Everyone knows that in any work which is performed by man and even robot errors may occur. However, we are constantly working to improve the quality of translations and service.

Do you provide a service for the notary certification of the translation?

Yes. For your convenience, our company collaborates with a notary.

Upon receipt of the finished translation, you have the opportunity to get it NOTARIZED ALREADY (“one window” principle).

Notarization of translation is paid additionally (according to the notary’s pricelist, without any overpayment). Our specialist will help you to calculate the cost of notarial certification.

How professional are our translators?

Our company cooperates only with qualified translators with experience in the field of translation.

Translations on specific topics carried out by the translator, with experience in a particular field of knowledge (medicine, economy, law, engineering, etc.).

Do we use machine translation?

No. Modern machine translation technology is not intended for professional use and may not provide a good quality of translation. Only a translation performed by a professional translator, will meet all quality criteria such as:correct transfer of meaning, competent selection of terminology, as well as the preservation of the cultural and social nuances of the original text.

How to calculate the translation costs?

To do this, you need to determine the number of pages of translation in the original text (one page of translation consists of 1800 characters of text, including spaces), and then multiply that number by the corresponding tariff.There are prices of general subject and personal documents in our price list. Please mention that we use surcharges for urgency and level of difficulty:

+30% Finance, Business, Journalism, Law

+40% Health, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Metallurgy, Oil and Gas, Construction, Chemical Industry

from +50 to +100%Urgent translation


There are specialized programs for calculating the volume of text, but the easiest way – is to use the MS Word statistics software (menu “Tools” – “Statistics”). If you are not sure that the correct calculations made, please send us the original material by e-mail kenespvl@mail.ru or through the sending form on this site, and our experts will tell you the exact cost of translation

How to order a translation?

1. Send the document to assess the cost of translation.

         This can be done in the following ways:
       • Bring the document in our office
       • Send the document by e-mail kenespvl@mail.ru;
       • Send a document through our website www.kenespvl.kz, filling out the submission form;
       • Submit a photo of a document via WhatsApp to the number +7 778 727 0902

The more detailed you describe your order, the more accurate will be our conclusion on the price and terms.


2. If you are satisfied with the price and terms of the translation, you have to pay for your order in the amount of at least 50% of the total cost.

NOTE: If you refuse to order a translation upon payment (full or partial payment), 50% of the total cost of translation is not refundable.

  Payment Methods:
• Cash/cashless payments in our office
• Non-cash bank account for legal entities
• Transfer to a Visa card (HalykBank,Kazkommertsbank)
• Payment via any payment QIWI terminal

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